Please use this link to access the pdf with the new structure for 2019:

download 2019-structure.pdf


The structure is as follows:

2019 Team

A1 Collingham & District CC, Notts - 1st XI
A2 Ellerslie CC - 1st XI
A3 Clifton Village CC, Notts - 1st XI
A4 Kimberley Institute CC - 2nd XI
A5 Belvoir CC - 1st XI
A6 Cavaliers and Carrington CC - 2nd XI
A7 Notts Unity Casuals CC - 1st XI
A8 Balderton CC - 1st XI
A9 West Bridgfordians CC - 1st XI
A10 Wollaton CC - 2nd XI

B1 Calverton CC - 1st XI
B2 Attenborough CC - 2nd XI
B3 Long Eaton CC - 1st XI
B4 Plumtree CC - 2nd XI
B5 Fiskerton & Thurgarton CC - 1st XI
B6 Cavaliers and Carrington CC - 4th XI
B7 Hucknall CC - 2nd XI
B8 Caythorpe CC, Notts - 2nd XI
B9 Gedling & Sherwood CC - 1st XI
B10 Ellerslie CC - 2nd XI

C1 Kirkby Portland CC - 1st XI
C2 Hoveringham CC - 1st XI
C3 Southwell CC - 1st XI
C4 Gotham Village CC - 1st XI
C5 Radcliffe-on-Trent CC - Saturday 2nd XI
C6 Eastwood Town CC, Notts - 1st XI
C7 Keyworth CC - 1st XI
C8 Gedling Colliery CC - 2nd XI
C9 Thrumpton CC - 1st XI
C10 Ruddington CC - 1st XI

D1 Bingham CC - Saturday 1st XI
D2 Bottesford CC, Leics - 1st XI
D3 Newark Ransome & Marles CC - 1st XI
D4 Farndon CC - 1st XI
D5 Hickling CC - 1st XI
D6 Beeston & Toton Sycamore CC - 1st XI
D7 Plumtree CC - 3rd XI
D8 West Bridgfordians CC - 2nd XI
D9 East Bridgford CC - 1st XI
D10 Wymeswold CC - 1st XI

E1 Collingham & District CC, Notts - 2nd XI
E2 Bramcote CC - 1st XI
E3 Notts Unity Casuals CC - 2nd XI
E4 Flintham CC - Sat XI
E5 East Leake CC - 1st XI
E6 Sutton Bonington CC - 1st XI
E7 Burton Joyce CC - 1st XI
E8 Young Lions CC, Notts - 1st XI
E9 Kimberley Institute CC - 3rd XI
E10 Lowdham CC - 1st XI

F1 Belvoir CC - 2nd XI
F2 Underwood CC - 1st XI
F3 Caythorpe CC, Notts - 3rd XI
F4 Basford Mill CC - 1st XI
F5 Kirkby Portland CC - 2nd XI
F6 Ravenshead CC - 1st XI
F7 Cavaliers and Carrington CC - 5th XI
F8 Madni CC - 1st XI
F9 Fiskerton & Thurgarton CC - 2nd XI
F10 Notts & Arnold Amatuers III

G1 Caunton CC - 1st XI
G2 Stapleford CC, Notts - 1st XI
G3 West Bridgford Legion CC - 1st XI
G4 Gedling Colliery CC - 3rd XI
G5 Kinoulton CC - 1st XI
G6 Gedling & Sherwood CC - 2nd XI
G7 Whatton and Aslockton CC - 1st XI
G8 Chilwell CC - 1st XI
G9 Attenborough CC - 3rd XI
G10 Hucknall CC - 3rd XI

H1 Clifton Village CC, Notts - 2nd XI
H2 Gotham Village CC - 2nd XI
H3 Woodborough CC - 1st XI
H4 West Bridgfordians CC - 3rd XI
H5 Ruddington CC - 2nd XI
H6 Long Eaton CC - 2nd XI
H7 Balderton CC - 2nd XI
H8 Wollaton CC - 3rd XI
H9 Kimberley Institute CC - 4th XI
H10 Ellerslie CC - 3rd XI

J1 Beeston & Toton Sycamore CC - 2nd XI
J2 Calverton CC - 2nd XI
J3 Keyworth CC - 2nd XI
J4 Oxton CC, Notts - Oxton Saturday XI
J5 Southwell CC - 2nd XI
J6 Newark Ransome & Marles CC - 2nd XI
J7 Chilwell CC - 2nd XI
J8 Old Dalby CC - 1st XI
J9 Attenborough CC - 4th XI
J10 Bramcote CC - 2nd XI

K1 Hoveringham CC - 2nd XI
K2 Bottesford CC, Leics - 2nd XI
K3 East Bridgford CC - 2nd XI
K4 Bengal United CC - 1st XI
K5 Poplars CC - 1st XI
K6 Farndon CC - 2nd XI
K7 Great Dalby CC - 1st XI
K8 Nottinghamshire Deaf CC - 1st XI
K9 Belvoir CC - 3rd XI
K10 Lowdham CC - 2nd XI

L1 Basford Hall Old Boys CC - 1st XI
L2 Collingham & District CC, Notts - 3rd XI
L3 Caythorpe CC, Notts - 4th XI
L4 Lambley Village CC - 1st XI
L5 Basford Mill CC - 2nd XI
L6 Wymeswold CC - 2nd XI
L7 Thrumpton CC - 2nd XI
L8 West Bridgfordians CC - 4th XI
L9 RHP CC - 1st XI
L10 Midland CC

M1 Hucknall CC - 4th XI
M2 Notts & Arnold Amateur CC - 4th XI
M3 West Bridgford Legion CC - 2nd XI
M4 Radcliffe-on-Trent CC - Saturday 3rd XI
M5 Burton Joyce CC - 2nd XI
M6 Gedling & Sherwood CC - 3rd XI
M7 Bingham CC - Saturday 2nd XI
M8 Fiskerton & Thurgarton CC - 3rd XI

N1 Ellerslie CC - 4th XI
N2 Bingham CC - Saturday 3rd XI
N3 Whatton and Aslockton CC - 2nd XI
N4 Keyworth CC - 3rd XI
N5 Newark Ransome & Marles CC - 3rd XI
N6 Kirkby Portland CC - 3rd XI
N7 Kinoulton II
N8 Eastwood town II

DD1 Flintham II
DD2 Grantham
DD3 Notts Unity III
DD4 Long Eaton III
DD5 Coddington & Winthorpe
DD6 Notts Arnold Amatuers V
DD7 Keyworth IV
DD8 Belvoir IV
DD9 Thrumpton III

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